Driveways in Cramlington

Northern Surfaces have more than 20 years experience in hard Landscaping, Paving and ­Driveway Refurbishment. With 1000s of driveways in Cramlington in our portfolio, we have had experience on a variety of assignments with an expansive range of needs including bespoke engravings, driveway refurbish­ments and driveway paving.

All Types of Driveways in Cramlington

We provide a wide variety of paving patterns to accommodate any property, whether it is modern, traditional or contemporary, and our surveyor will offer advice on design, layout and any technical elements of the installation. We care for each project individually and offer a customized service to every single client.

driveways in cramlington

driveways in cramlington
driveways in cramlington

Marshall Approved Driveways in Cramlington

As a testament to our remarkable quality workmanship and great customer support, much of our business for patios and driveways in Cramlington is by means of recommendation, word of mouth and return customers eager for us to deliver the same quality service on a new home project. We are also marshall approved contractors.

Block Paving in Cramlington

You can expect a thorough range of high-quality block paving products in lots of colours, sizes, textures and styles to fit all tastes. From modern to traditional, we have designs and pattern features to improve the appearance of your driveway or patio. Learn more about block paving in Cramlington.

Flagged Patios & Driveways in Cramlington

Flagging encompasses many different types of paving from concrete slabs to natural products, such as Indian stone. These are all laid using a similar method and, with a great deal of experience with all of these products, we guarantee we will be able to create the driveway or patio to suit all of your needs.

Tarmac Driveways in Cramlington

Northern Surfaces are tarmacing, and Re-tarmac professionals, to Driveways and pathways to establish a stable and all weather parking solution. Primarily used for highways and pavements, over recent years it has become more and more popular with homeowners. It is usually quicker to lay, lower installation fees and when installed to our standard will supply years of service. Learn more about tarmac driveways in Cramlington.

Benefits of Tarmac Driveways Northumberland

Benefits of Tarmac

Tarmac driveways in Cramlington are really fast to lay: we are able to lay your tarmac at a superior rate as we have the kit, competence, and also personnel to complete a speedy surface whilst sustaining the excellent finish.

Long-term, Durable and also solid: Tarmac is very resilient against the weight of hefty vehicles as well as continuous traffic circulation unlike other types of surface like concrete which can split as well as damage under stress.

Impermeable: Tarmac offers the resistance versus water as well as aids to secure the surrounds of your premises versus flooding. With blueRock, tarmac is laid in such a means so any type of surface water will run to your drains.

Side with other materials: Tarmac fits in to any alreadying present materials such as clay ceramic tiles, stone, brick or kerbstones. Making it easy to establish a eye-catching and also smooth finish.

Climate resistant: Tarmac acquires as well as broadens with cold and heat without cracking or breaking unlike other sorts of material. This allows tarmac to remain looking like new come rain or shine.

Gravel Driveways in Cramlington

Gravels come in a wide variety of colours and sizes and have a variety of uses – whether it’s to give a brand-new look to a current driveway, path or patio or to improve appearance of a flower-bed or border. At Northern Surfaces, through our suppliers, we’ve got access to all of the most popular and complimentary choices and we would love to help you find the one most suited to you. Our gravel jobs are installed with a Geo-tex membrane fitted beneath as standard, as this is needed to prevent future weed growth. Any driveways in Cramlington or commonly used path or patio areas, where strength is critical, can be installed using an M.O.T stone sub-base with its own independent membrane to prevent future sinkage.

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Cobbles/york stone/crazy paving

Sometimes a more natural look should be used for your paved area, and because of this you may well be interested in using products such as natural stone cobbles, York stone flags or York stone crazy paving. Products like this can serve you for a lifetime and at Northern Surfaces our experienced tradespeople have used all of these therefore we can either install from new or we are able to provide a repair service to fix up and rejuvenate an existing paved area.


If the existing materials used to construct your driveway are still viable for future use, but the original driveway foundation has started to weaken, then Northern Surfaces offers a service which involves lifting the original paving, re-instating and compacting the foundation then re-laying your existing products. This allows you to re-gain the strength of your paving for the future without incurring the cost of buying new materials. This service can be used along with our cleaning service to produce a new solid paved area which has been re-energized to provide satisfaction for years to come.

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The design possibilities for driveways in Cramlington are limitless and we’ll make it easier to pick the best layout, colour and materials to meet your requirements and budget. If you’re looking for a garden or driveway transformation then look no further, Northern Surfaces can take care of the job from beginning to end.

driveways in cramlington

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